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News update



     The Symposium of The 13th West Lake International Conference (WLICSM2011) has already successfully logged CPCI-SSH (ISSHP) database, people in need  can entrust the qualified retrieval institutions for issued proof. 


Conference Topic

Innovation-driven and Internationalization of SMB
    the papers must be covering but not limited to the following topics
1.Internationalization of National Innovation System
2.Open Innovation and Growth of SMB
3.Collaborative Innovation and Growth of SMB
4.Innovation Networks and Global Innovation System
5.Internationalization of R&D
6.Environment of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
7.Business Model Innovation and Service Innovation
8.Standard,Intellectual Property Strategy and Management
9.Transformation and Upgrading of SMB
10.Technology Finance and Development of SMB
11.Internet and Innovation-driven of SMB
12.Inclusive Innovation and Inclusive Entrepreneurship


Keynote Speakers

Chair. Ronald Rousseau    International Society for Sciemetrics and Informatrics
Prof. Olav Jull Sørensen   Aalborg University, Denmark
Mr.  Ronald Bew        Vice Director, SBA,USA
Dr.  Rohani Hashim      WAITRO, Malaysia
Mr.  Dan Prud Homme    European Union Chamber
Prof. Rongping Mu      Director, Institute of Policy and Management,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. Yun Liu            Beijing University of Technology
Prof. Renyong Chi        Zhejiang University of Technology
Prof. Jin Chen            Tsinghua University
Prof. Zhengfeng Li        Tsinghua University
A. Prof. Zheng Liang  Tsinghua University
Prof.Li Liu              Tsinghua University, Editor of Special Issue of ScienceúČTechnology & Society(SSCI)


Tentative Schedule of WLICSMB2014

NOV 15

NOV 16 
9:00 Opening Ceremory
9:30—11:45  Keynote Speach
13:30—16:45 Panel Discussion

BOV 17 
9:00—10:15 Keynote Speach
10:35—11:45 Entrepreneurs Forum and Closing
13:30—16:45 Enterprise visits


Submission Description
All submission papers in English will be accepted in terms of double reviewers. Best award papers will be recommended to journals, such as Science, Technology and Society(SSCI), Scientometrics(SSCI), International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management and so on. Other accepted papers will be included proceedings.

The conference will charge the registration fee to the delegates, $200 for each participant, $100 for each student. We would like to make reservation of Hotel for participants if necessary.